Empowering Nicaragua


Individuals to Succeed

Without the opportunity to overcome poverty the cycle will continue for generations. NicaRise empowers Nicaraguans to break the cycle of poverty and create sustainable economic change.


Growth and Opportunity

We work with our local communities to help provide the tools to succeed in building a brighter future. Building a solid foundation is a key to eliminating poverty for our local Nicaraguan communities.


Communities and Entrepreneurs

We are creating a strong network of life changing services that will provide communities and entrepreneurs everything to be successful. NicaRise provides the support needed to sustain the change that our local entrepreneurs have started.

Discover Micro-Enterprise

Creating Opportunity through


providing shoes to local entrepreneurs

How does Micro-Enterprise help?

NicaRise has partnered with Soles4Souls to bring their micro-enterprise program to the people of Nicaragua. With a goal of creating economic change and stability in one of the poorest regions in the Americas NicaRise is dedicated to providing Nicaraguan entrepreneurs the ability to start small businesses that directly impact their local communities.

Economic stability creates additional opportunities for the whole community. We measure our success on the overall impact our entrepreneurs have on the world around them.

What do we care about?

NicaRise is committed to working alongside individuals, families and community leaders in ways that help strengthen and grow their success. Every unique experience is an opportunity to connect with Nicaragua and its amazing people.

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