Bethel Center of Hope

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Offering Hope

Providing Support

The Bethel Center of Hope is located in Rivas, Nicaragua. Their mission is to serve the local community and operate the Center of Hope in an extremely impoverished community just 200 meters from the city’s trash dump. Supporting the physical and spiritual needs of the community, especially the children with the hope to empower them to seek their dreams with all of their hearts!

Why we partner with them

Bethel Mission opens its doors to the community every Monday through Friday to provide a healthy meal to the approximately 100 local children in need. Providing a secure place to play and learn, Bethel Mission gives the youth hope and the tools to succeed.

Connect with Bethel Center of Hope

The Bethel Center of Hope website
Bethel Mission on Facebook

How to help?

Bethel Mission relies on the generous support of the global community. Without your support they would not be able to continue to make such a positive impact to their local community and its youth.