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Our Story

The Story of NicaRise started with the people and rich culture of Nicaragua. We fell in love with the country and its people from the moment we first visited. After visiting Haiti with Soles4Souls on a corporate shoe distribution trip our founder (Todd Martin) returned wanting to do more. Shortly after his return from his life-changing experience in Haiti he resigned from his corporate career to start NicaRise with his wife (Lorraine Martin). As a team Todd and Lorraine packed up their family and were on their way to the second poorest country in the Americas to partner with Soles4Souls and local communities to offer sustainable opportunities to local Nicaraguans, helping them begin the process of breaking the poverty cycle.


Our mission is to provide local Nicaraguan communities sustainable opportunities to help fight poverty through Micro-Enterprise!

Investing in People:

Making an investment in individuals positively impacts the families and local communities they live in allowing for access to education, health services and providing a better quality of life.


Community Involvement:

We are located in Nicaragua and believe it is important to physically build strong relationships with the people and communities in which we invest.


Economic change and stability:

Creating the change that is needed starts and ends with the people involved. We value all our partnerships and look forward to building a lasting network that forms the foundation for economic change in Nicaragua.

Small investments in local entrepreneurs provide the opportunity to positively change individuals, families and communities in Nicaragua.

To create sustainable economic change in Nicaragua we need to be closely aligned with our partners and local communities.  A strong lasting foundation can only be built with continued empowerment, education and support. We believe positive impacts in these areas will help break the cycle of poverty in Nicaragua.

“NicaRise has partnered with some of the poorest communities in Nicaragua where families live and work in local dumps making less than $2 a day. Providing micro-enterprise to these communities allows us to expand the economic opportunities to families and their communities to break the cycle of poverty. Every entrepreneur creates a ripple of compounding growth that has a sustainable long-term impact.” NicaRise, Todd Martin